There will be a total of 4444 individual islands.
The mint will begin in early January date TBC
The mint link will be announced publicly to our discord server.
The mint price will be 0.44 SOL.
You will be able to mint as many times you want, limited to 1 mint per transaction.
Yes, you can find the full roadmap below.
We plan on being listed on Solanart, Magic Eden and Digital eyes.


  • Build island community organically via twitter and discord

  • Giveaways and pre sale to be announced via social media outlets

  • Mint Date set for Jan 2022 4444 @ 0.44sol

  • Trip to a real island paradise or $5000 cash providing 80% sold on mint day

  • 5% of total sales donated to this great charity

  • List on secondary immediately following mint including Solanart, Magic Eden and digital eyes

  • 75% royalties from secondary sales back to community, 50% distributed and 25% in to community wallet, a true passive income for holders

  • Air drop of exclusive NFT to ALL Holders 4 weeks following mint date

  • Pledge to support sol islanders following launch and be there to answer ongoing questions and concerns we will be present and answer all queries and questions promptly

  • Sol islanders automatically whitelisted for future projects